Apple’s New Keyboard

So these pictures are floating around the internet of what supposed to be the new Apple keyboard. I have to say that they look extremely convincing and I don’t have any reason to doubt that they are real. I also am very excited about it because it is an amazing keyboard and I think it is truly beautiful. I like the new layout and I think it was smart for Apple to remove the Apple logo from the command key because I know too many people that call it the “Apple key” and that just isn’t right.

Well anyway here is a picture of it:

Is this the new iMac keyboard? – Engadget

Strangely enough Apple is having an event in Cupertino on August 7th, the event will only bring news about new Macs and not anything to do with iPods or iPhones. My prediction is we will see new iMacs with this redesigned keyboard and I am hoping for an update to the Mac Mini although I doubt it will happen. The Mac Mini has been ignored for quite some time and it is more likely that the Mac Mini be discontinued or replaced by another product.

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