SeeqPod Music beta – Playable Search

SeeqPod is a very interesting idea. SeeqPod is a search engine for music. They search the internet for servers that have mp3’s on them then puts them in their index. You then can search through their index and find music to listen to.

After searching for a song or artist you can add songs to a playlist on the right and search for more music on the left, the page uses javascript so your music will continue to play as you add songs to your playlist. After creating your playlist you can share it with your friends or embed it on your blog/site.

The site also has an iPhone version which lets you search for music on your iPhone and stream it to your phone by clicking the links to the MP3’s.

What is really cool about the site is that they have a discover button in the search so it will find similar songs to what you type in the search box, so typing in Fall Out Boy will give you things like the Plain White T’s, The F-Ups, The bled, etc.

Check it out is a really cool place to go and find music to listen to along with discovering new music that you might not have ever heard before.

SeeqPod iPhone Version

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