Vacation This Weekend

I am going on vacation this weekend and will be gone until Monday night. That won’t mean to much to all of you readers, I have written up some things to show up over the weekend so you will still get the same amount of content. One thing that you will notice is if something happens over the weekend that is pretty big I won’t end up writing about it until next week if at all. The only other thing is that if there are any emails that you guys send me or comments that need to be moderated they won’t be done as quickly as I usually do, I will be doing it still, I will probably spend a couple of hours each day doing some work but I won’t be constantly connected as I usually am.

I might create a tumblog of my travels and if I do then I’ll try and post a link to it here (as if you guys care that much, but you might).

Alright well I hope you enjoy what I have written for the weekend I have worked a bit extra over the past few days to have them show up on time.

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