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I have a widget in my sidebar that highlights the articles that I believe to be the best. However those don’t ever seem to be the top pages visited when I check my Google Analytics page. All of you seem to think that other things are better on here. Now that is fine with me I only put the widget there to give new readers a starting point to finding new and interesting things on my blog. But, it always fascinates me at the end of the day when I check my stats and I find out what actually did best.

Some of the most visited pages could be because people I linked to visited them and link to it themselves or it could be because that particular page had something about it, the way it is worded maybe, that gave it really good search engine ranking. Whatever it is it happens and I thought I would let the readers know what the most visited pages were in the past week. Then if you didn’t get a chance to read it here is an opportunity if you did read it well then I guess you can pass that one by.

  1. 10 of my Favorite Blogs
  2. Win the Nintendo DS Browser
  3. Top 10 iPhone Apps
  4. ATI vs. Nvidia Midrange Graphics Card Comparison
  5. Nintendo DS Browser Review

Well there you have it, two of the items on this top 5 list are actually in my featured articles sidebar widget which makes me happy. Anyway enjoy reading and have fun geeking out.

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