iPhone Security Flaw Found

A security flaw has been found in the iPhone’s Safari browser allowing a hacker to execute remote code on the iPhone. The website that the hack appeared on lists 3 ways that this could be implemented. one of the ways they mention is having control of a Wifi access point: If a hacker had control of the access point then they could set the router to force any browser to have a specific web page. The hacker could point it to a malicious site and the code would be executed. Another is sending a text message with a link in it, when the browser visits that page the code would be executed on the phone.

These hacks don’t surprise me at all, the iPhone will most likely become a target because of the pure computing power of the device and that there are so many of them out there.

The exploit will be demonstrated at the BlackHat conference in Las Vegas on August 2nd.

Here is a video of the exploit at work:

Exploiting the iPhone

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  1. It is true that the iPhone will become the new target for hackers everywhere. And its wide use simply opens up more avenue for the hackers.

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