Vista’s successor to be released within 3 years?

Well during my day off there were a bunch of stories about Microsoft’s Windows Vista successor, 7, is planned on being released in 3 years.

What very few (if any at all) of those who talked about it is that Windows Vista was originally dated for sometime in late 2003, which was only 2 years after the release of Windows XP. We all know how that turned out, Microsoft didn’t release Vista until nearly 4 years later in early 2007.

So why would they have planned on releasing 7 in less then 3 years, maybe they are optimistic, maybe they are crazy, or maybe they are trying to push their developers into thinking that they actually want it done by then. My honest guess is the last one, Microsoft wouldn’t expect to release an entire operating system 3 years after the previous one, 5 years sounds more likely to me.

Microsoft doesn’t want it to take 5 years though so if they road map 7 to be released much earlier then it actually will be released it may actually end up coming out sooner then if they road mapped it for the reasonable amount of time, catch my drift? It may be a little complicated but it makes sense.

Vista’s successor now known as “7,” due out within three years [Engadget]

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