New iPod Game – Sims Bowling

Another iPod game in the lineup, this time by Electronic Arts, it’s Sims Bowling.

“Join The Sims for fun bowling action! Enjoy challenging, realistic bowling anytime. Use the Click Wheel to control, aim, adjust your power, add spin, and then send the ball screaming down the lane. The Sims Bowling party comes to life with vibrant graphics, sound effects, and multiple game modes. Enjoy “Sims Life,” in which you create a Sim and compete in a popularity contest, or bowl against a friend in “Pass-n-Play.” Listen to your fans roar — roll strikes and make The Sims crowd go wild!”

The game is $4.99 and is available now. You need to have a 5 or 5.5 Gen iPod to play the game.

I haven’t played the game but it looks like every other bowling game, aim, select the amount of power, then roll the bowl.

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