Zune DRM has been Cracked

The digital rights management that is used by all of the music in the Zune market place has been cracked. A new version of the cracking software FairUse4WM is floating around that claims to be able to remove the DRM from the music files.

“This post introduces a new tool for uncovering the individual keys from Microsoft’s DRM blackbox components (“IBX”), up to version 11.0.6000.6324. Lacking the source code to the extant programs, I can only offer this output of my own efforts.

To actualize fair use rights with the new IBX, first run ‘mirakagi’ which will enter the IBX keys into the FairUse4WM blackbox-keys.txt text file.
Next, you should use the attached version of FairUse4WM, 1.3Fix-2. This includes an important fix for a video corruption bug, often seen in scenes affording high compression.

If problems occur, please provide the program text. IBX versions after 11.0.6000.6324 are not currently supported.

This version should be capable of interfacing with both Windows Vista and Zune software versions.”

The hackers versus the DRM makers will go on forever as a cat and mouse game until one of the two groups gives up and all I’m going to say is I highly doubt that the hackers are going to be that group.

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