60GB Playstation 3 to be discontinued

So it seems the 60GB Playstation 3’s $100 price cut (Purchase on Amazon) was just so that they could get rid of stock and give it the fate of the 20GB version (Purchase on Amazon), discontinued. This is something that has been moving fast lately, a lot of stuff going on with the Playstation 3 lately, but nothing that is about good games, only stuff about price drops and discontinuing of SKUs. I personally think that it is smart to consolidate the lineup of Playstation 3’s and only have the 80GB version available. But, I think that the $599 price point is too high, $499 is a much smarter price point and is where a lot of people start thinking about buying it.

The price needs to lower because I do think that XBox 360 may have a price drop soon, especially since the Playstation 3 seems to be more and more of an option and less of a joke.

E3: No more 60GB Playstation 3 in US after July, says Reeves [GameIndustry.biz]

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