Links of Interest 7/12/07

iPhone Hackers: “we have owned the file system” – “The kooky hacking kids over at IRC channel #iphone claim to have gained full ownership of the iPhone filesystem. In… [Engadget]

Obvious Rumor: 6th Generation of iPods for January 2008 – “Analysts at Piper Jaffray peg Apple’s next iPod announcement in January 2008, and they bet we’ll… [Gizmodo]

Gobuntu is… Go – “Thanks to Colin and Evan’s efforts we now have daily images of a freedom-focused flavour of Ubuntu, “Gobuntu”. This is a call for developers… [Mark Shuttleworth]

Bad Reporter, Bad!: Actually, the iPhone Battery Will Last Longer Than 400 Charges – “Some good news for the iPhone’s battery. Everyone, including us, originally… [Gizmodo]

Digg iPhone Beta Live! – “Last weekend Joe Stump, Daniel Burka, and I sat down and white-boarded the Digg iPhone app. I told Joe if he coded it in 48hrs, I’d buy… [Digg the Blog]

JP Morgan’s US branch quashes iPhone nano report – “Just a day after one of its Taiwan analysts predicted that Apple would produce an iPhone based… [AppleInsider]

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