Top 10 iPhone Apps

These are not going to be in any specific order but if you have an iPhone I suggest you try all of these out. I use them regularly and love them all.

  1. AppMarks – It is a bookmarking website that lets you add any websites you want and can be used as a clean homepage for your iPhone. It looks very similar to the home screen of the iPhone except it is for your browser.
  2. BeeJive – The best Instant messaging app I’ve seen for the iPhone yet. It looks just like the text messaging app on the iPhone except you can talk through a bunch of different IM services. AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Yahoo.
  3. – Allows you to check gas prices in your area and then get a map to those gas stations.
  4. gOffice – The first word processor made specifically for the iPhone. It isn’t very complicated and not very feature rich, it is more like a text editor then anything else. But still pretty useful, after typing up your document you can either have them email it to you or they will mail you a printed copy for a small fee.
  5. Google Reader – My favorite RSS reader out there and works just as well on your iPhone, it shows you a list of the most recent updates and then at the bottom of that page you can choose to mark them all as read, you can tag and star items just like you would on the full browser version. Try it out it’s great.
  6. Listingly – A very simple list application that lets you make complex customizable lists and share them with your friends.
  7. – You can find movie showtimes for your local theaters and buy tickets for those movies.
  8. Pocket Tweets – This is the best mobile twitter app I’ve ever seen. It is a beautiful app and has a very clean interface.
  9. Telekinesis – A fun remote desktop like application for the iPhone. Install the application on your Mac and then visit the address that the application gives you on your iPhone. It lets you access files on your Mac, see pictures taken with the iSight camera, Turn your iPhone into an Apple remote, view your screen and control your Mac, and execute scripts that are installed on your Mac.
  10. TeleMoose – A simple slimmed down interface for shopping on, you can do almost anything that you could do on the full website except it is easier to browse on your iPhone.


  1. Thanks for the mention [ Listingly ]. We’re rolling out a whole new iPhone front end in the next couple of days.. so stay tuned.

    Best regards


  2. I don’t mind if you mention it on your website and maybe list a couple of your favorites then link back to me, but I don’t want you to copy the whole list.

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