Toshiba Cuts Price of HD-DVD Player to $299

Well DigiTimes was wrong and I was wrong to rebroadcast their information. Toshiba has announced that their HD-A2 HD-DVD player will be priced at $299.

This is a big step in the format wars. The prices have been going down since the initial debut of these players but I believe that the $300 mark is where it is at. I believe that once the players hit that price point you will really start to see some adoption of the formats.

I have always been a Blu-ray fan but disliked its high price tag. The real reason I like Blu-ray is because of it’s scratch resistant coating on discs and which studios have signed on. HD-DVD however I have began to grow fond of because of it being the cheapest way to get truly good looking video into your living room for an extremely low price.

Toshiba HD-A2

[via TG Daily]

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