I got the iPhone – and so far, I love it!

Well I did it, I went ahead and got the iPhone. I probably shouldn’t have but I don’t care, especially since it is so beautiful and is just as fast as the commercials show.

It is currently sitting in its docking telling me that Sync is in progress and the battery is at about 75%.

Just a few things that I have noticed when playing around with it that aren’t that great. It does smudge up extremely easily but seems to repel scratches very well. I don’t know how that will be in the long term though, I did not purchase a case for it. I need to look around for a bit before I decide whether or not to buy one, I just hope that Apple made a product that you can put in your pocket without any worries of messing it up.

Another thing I noticed is that occasionally it does hang on things such as not switching between landscape and portrait as fast as it usually does and not only that but typeing on it is slightly difficult. I can type the right keys most of the time but if you do hit the wrong key it is kind of difficult to go back to the specific letter you messed up and fix it.

I will have my full review of the iPhone sometime next week, Now I’m going to take the weekend off and enjoy a purchase that may have been too expensive for me, but hey I’ll have a lot of fun until the amount of money that was sucked out of my bank account really sinks in with me.

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