Debating on the iPhone

I took a drive out to the two local AT&T stores in my area. There was not a single person there. This of course makes me want the iPhone more because I would be one of the extremely few people in my area that has an iPhone. I already use AT&T and have added a text messaging and data package for $20. After that would be removed from my plan and the iPhone’s base $20 package was added I wouldn’t be spending any more money on a monthly basis.

The only thing keeping me from buying this phone is its price. $600 plus whatever tax and activation fee ($36 activation) I have to spend.

I’m sitting at my desk with my checkbook in front of me and a picture of the iPhone on my screen. I keep going back and forth, I really want the iPhone, but I really enjoy eating food and being able to pay my bills.

On one side I really need a new phone, my old Razr is driving me nuts. On the other side I could eat for 6 months on this amount of money.

What do you readers think I should do?

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