iPhone Reviews Hit the Net

Last night the first batch of iPhone reviews hit the internet. Not very many of them but they were all pretty good reviews. They all seems to say that even with its downsides it is still an amazing phone.

The iPhone Matches Most of Its Hype – “Talk about hype. In the last six months, Apple’s iPhone has been the subject of 11,000 print articles, and it turns up about…” [New York Times]

Testing out the iPhone – “One of the most important trends in personal technology over the past few years has been the evolution of the humble…” [Wall Street Journal]

Apple’s iPhone isn’t perfect, but it’s worthy of the hype – “The mania over Apple’s iPhone launch has created stratospheric expectations that are near impossible…” [USA Today]

At last the iPhone – “A couple of weeks ago I went to Pittsburgh for what I thought would be a day trip. Since I was headed back that…” [Newsweek]

A couple of videos after the jump

Walt Mossberg

David Pogue


  1. My husband is just drooling over this phone. I currently have the Treo but I’m considering switching over. Glad to hear that the reviews were mostly positive.

    Also, thank you for giving away the Nintendo Browser!

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