How did I become a Geek

UneasySilence had a post asking there readers:

“why do you like technology/geeky stuff?”

I thought about leaving a comment but decided instead to turn it into a post (to be honest I though about making this a post about a week ago, its in my notebook where I write down ideas).

It started out when I was younger and my dad was going back to college working for his masters degree in electrical engineering. I was fairly young at the time probably 7 or 8 but always loved when he was building some time of electronic item. I remember him building a calculator for one of his class projects and being fascinated that my dad could build such a thing.

We always had a computer at my house, not the most up to date, we had a DOS computer that my dad coded a simple little application launcher for where you didn’t have to remember the command for starting an app you could just type something like “1” and it would launch a word processor. We didn’t get a really nice computer until 1998 when I was about 10 years old. We had AOL internet at the time and I loved going online and looking at new and cool websites.

But it wasn’t until I was about 13 or so in 2001 that I really got into computers and technology. That was when my father finally upgraded to digital cable and we got TechTV. I loved watching the Screen Savers and Call for Help and liked trying to answer the questions along with the host shouting out the names of programs that they couldn’t remember off the top of their heads.

I started building my own computer when I was 15 years old but never finished it because of the short money supply available to me. A year or two later however I got the opportunity again to build my own computer. Learning how to do so from reading websites and subscribing to computer magazines. Two years ago I started blogging about computers and following popular websites and blogging about the interesting stories of the day.

Since then I’ve racked up almost 100 websites that I follow through my RSS reader on a daily basis and blogging 3-6 times per day on average about all the cool things that I read about.

I love technology and looking back most of that was influenced heavily by my father. I still love technology and surround myself in it as often as I can. Head on over the UneasySilence’s post on this topic and let them know when/where/why you became a geek and began loving technology.

UneasySilence – Why Do You Like Technology / Geeky Stuff?


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