iPhone Service Plans and Activation Video

Apple released on their website the service plans available for the iPhone. They look great! They seem to be very competitive and the best thing about it is AT&T doesn’t seem to be trying to give you a huge bill at the end of the month when a non-tech savvy person gets an iPhone and doesn’t realize that he is going to be charged per KB for every webpage he visits. Every plan has unlimited data and visual voicemail.

As you can see the plans are simple and the only thing you really are basing your decision on are how many minutes of talk time you want. Of course you can always get more minutes and SMS Text messages.

Apple iPhone Rate Plans for iPhone

Now Apple also released a video of how you activate your iPhone and syncing your iPhone. Activating your phone will be done at home through iTunes. Check out the video for more details about it.

Watch video in higher quality on Apple.com.

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