First AM2+, Phenom Supporting, Motherboard by Biostar

Biostar has launched their TF560 A2+ Motherboard. This is the first motherboard to support AM2 and AM2+ processors.

The motherboard uses Nvidia’s nForce 560 chipset. This chipset is basically a cut down version of the 570, with the key difference being that the 560 doesn’t support SLI. The 560 does not need as much cooling as the 570 therefore the TF560 A2+ doesn’t have a fan on the chipset.

The motherboard is targeted at bang for the buck buyers but has an assortment of great features, 6 rear USB 2.0, SATA 3.0 Gbps, RAID, and 8 channel HD audio.

Sounds like a very future conscious board, buy it now and upgrade to the new AM2+ processors at the end of this year.

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