Desktop Tower Defense v1.5 Released

Desktop Tower Defense has become one of the most popular games on the internet and my favorite. It hasn’t been around for very long but is extremely addictive. If you want to get any work done on your computer don’t even let yourself look at the game.

It is a very simple game where little “creeps” come onto the board and you have to build towers to kill the creeps before they exit. Version 1.5 has been a long time coming and brings some much needed improvements.

The game looks a heck of a lot better and has a much cleaner look to it. The new version also gives you the ability to change the games volume to 75%, 50%, and 25% instead of just Muted and On.

The update also adds 3 new towers to the game:

Ink Tower – Shoots blobs of ink that stick to the ground
Snap Tower – This tower only fires once and damages an area around it
Boost Tower – Adds damage to those towers around it

These new towers will definitely change the game a bit.

Five new game types:

Trickle – A creep every second
Random – Random Creeps
15 Towers – 15 Towers maximum
No Splash – No splash towers
Splash – Just splash towers

New game types will keep the game from getting stale.

Two new creeps:

Morph Creeps
Dark Creeps

My Thoughts

I like the new version of Desktop Tower Defense but I think that it seems a little bit harder, I’m getting on average 1,000 points less then I did before the new version, maybe I just need to change my strategy up a bit. Go ahead and try the game out if you have the time to spend, it is a ton of fun.

Desktop Tower Defense

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