Pingdom Full Page Test

Pingdom is a great website monitoring service that has many great pay features such as, Notifications via SMS and e-mail, Uptime and response time reports, Multiple global check locations, High check resolution, and Several check types. But one thing that is free that they offer is called the Pingdom Full Page Test.

The Full Page Test allows you to test how fast a web page will load, what it is loading, from where, etc. I decided to try out my website because, well, I wanted to know how fast my website was.

This is what I got. As you can see it gives you a lot of important information. It tells me that my took 2 seconds to completely load. With 50 total objects for a total of 722.2KB. This is very useful for me, it tells me how large the web page is. This will help me keep my page sizes down for faster load times.

This is a good tool for all webmasters and something that people really need to start thinking about. Too often I will visit a web page and will end up leaving before it even finishes loading. All I’m saying is, people keep the page loads under 4 seconds or I will probably leave.

Try out the Pingdom Full Page Test and let me know what you think of it, and what you got for your website.


  1. I don’t really have a website so I tried out my MySpace page, it took only .3 seconds according to Pingdom, that’s really fast!

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