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7. AMD Barcelona Launch Date Up in the Air – “Barcelona may be delayed until August or September according to DigiTimes. The Barcelona  chips that are being made are still a little…”

6. Palm’s New Laptop-like Device, The Palm Foleo – “I know what most of you are thinking this device looks kind of cool but why would I ever want to buy one? Well I’ll tell you…”

5. ATI 2400 Pro vs. 8400GS in 3DMark06 – “I don’t have full benchmark numbers by any means but Boot Daily has got a hold of some 3DMark06 benchmarks showing that the 2400 Pro is far…”

4. iPhone Ads Say June 29th Release Date – “Apple has released 3 iPhone ads that are running on TV now, but you can also seem them on the…”

3. AMD Phenom Logo – “I mentioned the Teaser here. Well the mystery has been solved. The AMD Phenom logo has been revealed. Its kind of hard to see but…”

2. The 5 Coolest AppleTV Hacks

1. Full Specs of iPhone Show up – “Mac Rumors has the full list of specs for the iPhone, Read thir post here…”

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