Archos Launches 405 and 605 PMP

Archos makes some cool players and they just launched some new ones. The 405 and 605. The 605 will launch for $230 for 4GB, $300 for 30GB and $400 for 160GB. 405 will launch for $170. Both will have 5hrs of battery life for video and 16hrs for audio playback.

One thing about it bothers me and will keep me from buying it, you have to pay to add on many of its coolest features. The internet browser on the 605 will cost $30, Opera widgets will cost $20, Real video plugin for $20, Internet radio is $20, HD video output plugin costs $20, and the H.264 plugin will cost $20.

Engadget had a hands on check that out here.

Video after the jump

Le Journal du Geek [via Gizmodo]

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