Links of Interest 6/10/07

Mainboard Manufacturers Unwilling to Install DDR3 Memory Slot – “In spite of memory module makers’ enthusiasm about DDR3, mainboard makers are not as close as excited about the new memory type. Many of system board…” [X-bit Labs]

DS Web Browser Available in the US – “It’s about time. Ever since I first saw The Opera Nintendo Browser in a YouTube video about ten months ago, I’ve been itching to get…” [Gearlog]

iPhone Sales Training Book Online – New Features (and lack of Features) Revealed! – “Macrumors is on a role this weekend… They have just posted full scans of the At&t iPhone Sales Training Workbook. Since I don’t really want a cease…” [Apple Gazette]

Palm “Gandolf” images look legit, Windows Mobile version on the way as well – All sorts of Gandolf action is coming out of the woodwork, with Morning Paper following up the grainy shot it released yesterday with a shiny color…” [Engadget]

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