Links of Interest 6/9/07

iPhone may become king in cellphone chip ban – “The US International Trade Commission has issued a ruling against Qualcomm late this week that would bar many of its 3G cellular network chipsets from export…” [AppleInsider]

Questions hang over AMD after show debacle – “I haven’t had a chance to see AMD’s upcoming Phenom, Barcelona, Agena, whatever working first hand till now, and was hoping for Computex to be the place for…” [theInquirer]

PC + Digital Cable = Not Ready for Prime Time – “Now that ATI is finally shipping its internal OCUR cards, which enable OEMs to build home-theater PCs that can connect to digital cable systems, we decided it was time…” [MaximumPC]

Desktop Tower Defense Creates Startup – “Paul Preece, the designer of the wildly addictive Desktop Tower Defense has quit his day job and is teaming up with David Litsky; the designer of” [TechCrunch]

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