Rumors of Brushed Metal iMac

Think Secret is saying that Apple may be releasing new iMacs at WWDC or very shortly afterward. The new iMacs will have a brushed metal casing and use the Santa Rosa chipset. Apple will also drop the 17″ version and lower the prices of the 20″ and 24″ models.

AppleInsider however says that it is unlikely for them to release it then because availability wouldn’t be until later this year. Think Secret is saying that the iMacs will be marketed as more of a high end computer for professional use.

This is great, I’ve been waiting for new iMacs because I don’t want to end up with an older model. I actually would say that this could be very true but I think that Apple has too much stuff going on right now and this could be good or could be spreading the company too thin.

Check out AppleInsider and Think Secret and decide what you want to believe.

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