Another Who Has Held the iPhone

Someone on the AnandTech Forums claims to have used the iPhone. AMDMaddness says he/she has had some time with it. Gizmodo found the posting or someone gave them a tip about it. This is what they are quoting from the forum however some of it I couldn’t find (possibly deleted by AMDMAddness).

“It does have email and it is already set up for AOL/GMAIL/HOTMAIL etc.. and you can use your own POP email address.”

“Not worth the $500-$600 IMHO maybe half that.”

“I must say it has very fast response to input and very good resolution on the LCD it is very crisp and vivid.”

“…it has a place to put your SIM. It looks to not have an easily replaceable battery (like the IPODS no battery door).”

“The phone has a super top secret feature that I can’t even be told what is (anyone have a clue?).”

There are a few others that you can read over at Gizmodo here.

This is pretty darn cool. I have become less and less excited about the iPhone as the release draws near. I think most of it is just its size and the fear of it scratching (don’t know if it does or not).

Some of the things I’d like to comment on, the email set up for AOL/Gmail/Hotmail, it surprises me that it is already set up for it but the POP access is a given. I believe that it is worth $500-$600 but the better question is whether or not you would be willing to walk around everywhere you go with something that costs $500-$600 in your pocket. I figured that the screen would be pretty responsive since it has to respond to touch controls. Of course it has a place to put your sim, you have to be able to put a new one in easily.

I am very curious about that top secret feature that no one seems to know about. Maybe it is what that “Mysterious App” is.

Whether you are excited for the phone or not you have to admit that it will drastically change the handset market as we know it.

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