AMD Barcelona Launch Date Up in the Air

Barcelona may be delayed until August or September according to DigiTimes. The Barcelona  chips that are being made are still a little buggy and not polished enough to be sold yet.

You can read DigiTimes article here.

You have to wonder what has caused this change to AMD just a year or so ago they were on top of the world beating Intel in almost every benchmark including power consumption. It could have been the acquisition of ATI or could have been a poorly timed acquisition of ATI, when Intel began to kick back into gear and bring out the Core Duo chips. AMD just couldn’t compete, they lost the mobile market first and now are losing the desktop and server market. Barcelona isn’t exactly their last chance but it definitely will cause a lot of people to think so.

But now its not only AMD having problems it is also ATI which finally shipped their first DX10 parts less than a week ago. AMD of course has control over ATI but ATI was already starting to slip and now two companies are having problems with power consumption and performance. If they don’t start buckling down, and I hate to have to keep saying this, many bad things will be in the future for them.

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