Flickrvision – Twittervision for Flickr

If you haven’t seen Twittervision and you love Twitter then you have been living under a rock. But if you love Flickr and have never heard of Flickrvision then don’t worry about it.

Flickrvision is a new creation from David Troy the maker of Twittervision. It allows you to watch pictures pop up from the location that they were uploaded in real time. When you hover your mouse over the picture it will enlarge the image and give you a link to the picture on Flickr. The website uses Google maps like Twittervision but I think it is a little bit more interesting than Twittervision. Yes, Twittervision has helped countless people explain what Twitter is actually doing and it isn’t really that hard to explain what Flickr is but it does help show how big the Flickr community is and it also helps you see new and interesting photographers on Flickr that you might not have seen otherwise.


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