Warner Bros. Joins the Joost Train

Warners Bros. has become the latest content provider to add its name to the list of programming on Joost. Warner Bros. will add a science fiction and a celebrity channel on Joost this month.

Joost is becoming more and more interesting but I will say one thing about the content on it. Content providers need to allow access to more than the 5 episodes per show they usually add.

I watch Joost fairly regularly now, last night I was watching News Radio and there were only 4 episodes of the show. I think that Joost won’t be as big as it could be until these content providers realize that they aren’t making much money off of this back catalog but there are a lot of people who would watch it if they could watch it at their leisure. If one content provider decided to add every episode or at least one full season of a TV show then that is when Joost will really hit the big time.

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