PS3 Production Costs Could be $100 Cheaper

According to DigiTimes The Blue-laser pick-up heads that are being used in the Playstation 3 are going to increase in supply and decrease in price. Possibly lower the cost of them about $100.

This could help Sony bring down the price of the Playstation 3 and may also explain how Pioneer is planning on making a $299 Blu-Ray player by June.

I think that for Sony to live in this console war they need to lower the price of the Playstation 3 and get some exclusive games. That is all they need to do and they will be a bigger part of the console war. I want to see them have success because if they don’t then there will be no direct competition for high-def gaming with the XBox 360 which means that Microsoft will be able to do anything they want, if they want to not fix bugs in software they can do that because the Xbox would be the only way to get high-def gaming into your home theater. We need competition and unless Nintendo decides to turn the Wii high-def or another company comes along, Playstation is the only competition.

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