2 More Hours to get your Comments in

There are only 2 hours left until the deadline to get yourself a chance for a Joost Invite.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the site with a relevant point and you’ll be entered.

The winners will be announced tomorrow. Have fun commenting and then maybe you’ll have fun with Joost.


  1. Joost seems to be a truly revolutionary new product. I think that joost is going to become the new system for online distribution of not just television, but also film. We are now seeing Viacom (CBS) buy into this technology. NBC and ABC and the other big networks will probably follow suit quickly. Next I think we will see companies like Netflix and Blockbuster looking at this technology. Of course this is my thoughts while still not having seen this product, anyone care to help me in that end?

  2. Joost looks to be a very interesting new way of watching tv. It can and may change the entire tv industry itself. I would love for a chance to see this technology first hand and to see if it will revolutionize television.

  3. Joost seems to be an exciting glimpse into what the future holds for us. Low competition among local cable markets has led to inflated prices and mediocre service for the consumer. With Joost, anyone with a computer and internet service can watch major network television, and on-demand at that!

  4. hi, i’m from romania, and want to (as many many other people) see the Joost unleashed. But… it require invitations… that i don’t have.
    Just in case you might have some more free invitation, and share it with me, it will be a great favor for me.
    Kind regards,

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