244 Copies of Windows Vista Sold in China

According to newlaunches.com only 244 genuine copies of Windows Vista have been sold in China. The software piracy in China is so rampant that almost all of the copies of Vista that have been sold are pirated. In some places you can find Windows Vista on the streets for as low as $1.

I don’t really have much to say other than that I don’t understand why no one has just switched to Linux instead of Windows. It seems like Linux would be perfect for countries with high piracy rates because for one thing they can stop doing something illegal and for another they can still have a good stable operating system.

I guess the only thing really stopping them would be the PC game support is not on the Linux side but on the Windows side.



  1. Is Vista even really a good gaming OS anyway? I have noticed that Vista is a massive resource hog. XP seems like a more stable and tweakable OS in terms of PC gaming. I was a hardcore PC gamer for years but I finally broke down and bought a console (360) a little more than a year ago. I can’t image going back. And I agree about Linux. I doubt the pirated Vista copies are being used for business purposes so why not just use a free OS instead? I use BackTrack as a quick and flexible tool all the time even though I am a MS man.

  2. I think Vista is much better for gaming then many think, not only are the DirectX10 advancements great for the future but it has a new way of dealing with DirectX9 type stuff. I game on my Vista box regularly and I don’t notice any difference in performance since I’ve upgraded from XP.

  3. When you buy a computer in China, I have heard that they come with all kinds of pirates software already installed on them right out of the box. I will admit, I was initially drawn here for joost but I really like the layout of your site. Particularily how the dates and fonts are set up. Keep up the good work!

  4. Vista is a decent OS, but there are still several bugs. I’m running it successfully on a couple of computers, but I’ve downgraded to XP on others. It will be nice when they work the kinks out. That’s pretty ridiculous about the piracy in China, but what do you expect? It’s China.

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