20GB PS3 to be Discontinued

The 60GB Playstation 3 has outsold the 20GB version 10:1. So Sony has decided to drop it from the Playstation 3 line. Now I don’t quite know what they are going to be doing whether it is adding a 80GB version and dropping the price of the 60GB version or if they were smart they would drop the price of the 60GB version to $499 and focus on lowering manufacturing cost of that version. I think this is a step in the right direction, less choice makes the customer less confused. Of course if the price stays at $599 then its not the right thing to do, you have to drop the price to compete with the Xbox 360.

I don’t want to get all the PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys upset so I’ll just stop there and tell you that I love Xbox 360 and PS3 equally.

anyway check out GameIndustry.biz‘s article on the matter.

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