Dramatic AMD Price Cuts

AMD has yet again slashed prices to compete with Intel cutting prices on its entire line of processors. The highest end AM2 processor now tops out at $241. Even the Quad-FX processors have been cut in price the highest end being priced at $799/pair.

On the low end you will be able to pick up a Athlon 64 3200+ for $58 and a Athlon 64 X2 3600+ for $73. This is exactly what AMD needs to do until they can get Barcelona out, just keep working on Barcelona to make it as fast as possible all the while cutting prices to keep up with Intel.

AMD isn’t really hurt by not having the fastest processor. That is not where the mass market is, home users anyway, it is at the lower end where you see the most movement of processors. I think this price drop will help them tremendously. Even though Intel clearly has the best architecture AMD will soon roll out Barcelona, the only problem is it is only a matter of time before Intels next processors come out and blow Barcelona out of the water.

AMD get on the ball, I love your processors but your not quite up to speed with Intel. We all need you for lower prices, competition is great for consumers.

AMD Processors Pricing

[via TG Daily]

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  1. Well AMD really has to do all it can in order to stand a chance to compete in this market. Its compromises to speed cause it to lose out to a major sector in the market.

    Intel, with their newest Quad Core processor comming out to the market will mean that their older processors including the popular Core 2 Duo processors will be comming down in price.

    Come on AMD! You can do it.

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