Don’t Forget, Joost Invites

There are still a couple of days left so get commenting for a Joost invite. The contest will end Wednesday night at 12pm EST. This has been quite fun but I can’t wait to start handing them out.

I’m going to put all the names in a hat and draw 4 of them, whoever is picked gets one. Its quite exciting. To see all the rules check here.

I’ve still been having fun with Joost as usual but I wish they would bring out some new contenet because it is getting boring, nothing interesting on it lately I’ve watched all the cool TV shows. Lately I’ve been watching old Mr. Magoo cartoons!


  1. Hey,

    Nice looking site. Yeah on topic, I’ve heard a lot about Joost, and wants to check it out to see if it actually lives up to all the hype. Thanks.

  2. How is the licensing working for Joost? I noticed their channel lineup consists mostly of things I have never heard of. Will we be seeing the bigger players on Joost? NBC, FOX, ABC, HBO, BBC? If so, will this end up being a pay-to-watch service? I really wouldn’t mind. I have, for years, dreamed of an a la carte cable solution. I like about 12 channels total. I don’t want to pay for 185 others just to get the 12 I like.

  3. According to Joost they will never become a payed service it will all be funded by the advertising. As of right now CBS is the only big network with deals signed on but I imagine that other big players like NBC, Fox, ABC, and BBC will sign on in the future.

    I don’t think that HBO will ever sign on but might set up their own similar payed service online, HBO is not free to air unlike bigger networks. HBO actually gets payed by the cable companies for the cable companies privilege to air them on their networks. HBO will never be free.

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