Geforce 8500 and 8600 Benchmarked

The Inquirer has benchmark numbers of the Geforce 8500 and 8600 cards. They did have benchmarks before which we talked about here. But, now they have much more specific numbers.

under 3DMark06 at 1600×1200 4AA/16AF
8500GT got 1141
8600GT got 2483
8600GTS got 2949

The Inquirer has the full details here.


  1. I installed a 7600 the other day, and don’t they look great? In real life, and the graphics are amazing too.

    Oh, for the Joost competition, (email edited out). I’d love an invite, i’ve been watching the Joost blog for what seems like months now, in hope… =[

  2. nVidia has always been my preferred graphics card maker, over ATI and these scores are looking promising.

    ATI had a slight edge to nVidia for a while with their faster X1900 XTX. But patience is a virtue, after thorough development rigour, nVidia is finally getting ready to release their new graphics card series into the market!

    Go nVidia!

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