Joost, It’s Wonderful

I just was able to get myself a Joost invite. I don’t have any invites to give out but I do want to tell you about my experiences with it. Tomorrow I will not watch any TV or listen to any podcasts. Instead, during times when I would be doing so I will watch video on Joost. I’ll let you know what the quality of the video will be and I will be watching it on a 42″ LCD so the artifacts and video quality issues will be very visible. I plan on watching at least 4 hours of content which is about the average time I spend watching TV a day.

Check back on Thursday for the article. But, for my first impressions, It looks pretty good on my TV and I rarely see buffering of the video and that has only happened when I was using my other computer with some heavy network activity. I can’t wait for new channels and video content because it doesn’t seem like there is too much to watch.

Like I said earlier I don’t have any invites but if I get any I’ll let you all know.

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