Penryn and Nehalem Coverage on the Net

TG Daily – Intel develops integrated memory controller for Nehalem processors

Slashdot – Intel next-gen CPU has integrated memory controller and GPU

AppleInsider – Intel details upcoming processor generations

bit-tech – Intel Penryn, Nehalem and the Future

engadget – More dirt on Intel’s Penryn / Nehalem architechture

theInquirer – Intel Penryn set to despoil pretty streets of AMD Barcelona

ExtremeTech – Intel Reveals More Penryn, Nehalem Details

theInquirer – Intel says Penryn will deal 45 percent speed boost

theInquirer – Intel talks specifically about Penryn

MacRumors – IntelDetails Chip Roadmap 2007-0: Penryn and Nehalem

Daily Tech – 3/28/2007 Daily Hardware Reviews — Intel “Penryn” and “Nehalem” Edition

TheRegister – Intel 45nm CPUs to clock above 3GHz

Anandtech – Intel: More Details on Penryn and Nehalem

Daily Tech – Intel Life After “Penryn”

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