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The AppleTV has seemed to become a hacker magnet and their is so much coverage on the net about the AppleTV and it just started shipping last week. Since CyberSurge has become another AppleTV blog as of late, I’ve decided to just show you some more about it and give it a rest for a bit, that is unless something really cool happens (at the rate of the hacks that is possible).

AppleTV Hacker is a blog about all of the cool things that you can do with the Apple TV that you might not have thought was possible

Check out the Apple TV screensaver over at the Unofficial Apple Weblog

You can also download the AppleTV startup video here, along with the Quartz Composer Screen Saver, the Now Playing Screen, and the AppleTV OS

(AppleTV OS no longer available here but is available on many torrent sites)

Heck lets throw in a video of the AppleTV OS running on a Macbook

The blog post about the MacBook

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