Geforce 8800 Ultra Launching April 17th has claimed that the 8800 Ultra will be launching at the same time as the rest of Nvidia’s 8k series lineup. That places the date on April 17th. Now we already knew that the new drivers gave away that it will be released, but we didn’t have a date yet or even a time frame.

Now the 8800 Ultra will be Nvidia’s answer to ATI’s R600 card. Most likely just an overclocked 8800GTX and maybe GDDR4 RAM instead of GDDR3.

[via X-Bit Labs]

This is just a funny observation but it is strange that in the processor world, the processors are usually ahead of software such as with 64-bit processors. But, with graphics cards the software is almost always ahead, games seem to be written to take advantage of future features not current ones. It just seems odd.

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