1 Terabyte HDD for Dell and Alienware

Dell and Alienware will be the first to sell 1 terabyte hard drives. The drives are made by Hitachi and will soon make their way into Dell and Alienware computers. After a 2 or 3 week period of Dell/Alienware exclusiveness they will hit retail markets.

The drives are putting 200GB on each platter for a 5 platter design. Seagate did say that they would be shipping a 1 terabyte hard drive in the first quarter of this year with 250GB per platter but that got pushed to the second quarter of this year.

I don’t think I will buy one of these hard drives for a while, I don’t quite trust the high density platters yet. After hearing that the drives have to basically fix and recover data all the time I’m not sure if I trust them yet. The biggest hard drive I own is only 160GB and I think it will stay that way for a while, I don’t want to make any crazy outlandish statements like “no one will ever need more than a terabyte of storage” but I’m not sure if the average Joe will need this for a little while, we all are dealing with more and more video on a daily basis but I don’t think that its getting to the point where my mom will need something like this, at least not for a while.

[via Anandtech]

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