Weekly Picks

This week with announcements like Playstation 3 Home, I’ve been looking at the PS3 with a much better feeling about it. The thing is expensive and it doesn’t have too many games that are really worth buying but the next 6 months or so look pretty promising for this console. I really have liked many of the things that they have done with it and plan to do in the future. I do like the Xbox 360 but there is one problem with the device for me, I don’t like the controller, I’ve owned the PSOne the PS2 and hope to purchase the PS3 and like the controller and absolutly love the fact that it hasn’t really changed over the course of the 3 consoles except for the addition of the analog sticks.

Playstation 3


Along with Ice Age: The Meltdown and Component cables for the PS3, I decided not to put too many pictures in this post.

Lets face it the PS3 is starting to look good again and I think its starting to become a competitor in the console wars.

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