Playstation 3 Home Trailer Looks Amazing

This does look amazing but I am afraid that this could just be a second life clone with better graphics.
it is no doubt a closed system not like Second Life because there will be no user generated items from what I know so far, but it does sound promising and I have to say even though right now the PS3 doesn’t have much I think in about 3 months or so it might be a reasonable contender against the XBox 360.

Playstation 3 Home Beta sign up page, Sony has a site up where you will be able to sign up for the Home closed beta. The sign up isn’t available yet but the page is so keep your cursor over that refresh button and click away.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. i don’t own a PS3, or any console…if I did I’d be the fattest couch potato…anyway this was my post in hopes to get an invite for Joost *crosses fingers*

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