AutoPatcher, a Geeks Friend

For all of you out there that have been appointed the family tech geek against your own will know how difficult it is to deal with going to, lets say, your grandmothers house and updating her computer because she keeps getting a pop-up in the lower right hand corner saying that her anti-virus is out of date.

The worst part about that visit is that you have to download the updates for the anti-virus but because your a good little grandson you decide to download the updates for windows as well and if that doesn’t sound all that bad yet, she still has a 56k modem as her internet connection.

This will at least help with the Windows Updates, Autopatcher. AutoPatcher, which is released once a month to keep you updated, is a great tool that will make a CD that will install of the updates for Windows on your machine. It’s smart too because it checks to see what updates you need and only trys installing the ones that you do need.

It is a free utility and I suggest you download it just incase you need it. Please help them out and download it with bittorrent, and do seed.

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