Weekly Pick

This week my pick was going to be the Apple TV but since it got delayed. I went with something that I have been wanting for quite sometime, I recently saw that a local second hand shop had one and boy did I want it.

1.25GHz 20″ G4 iMac

Yea yea I know, how come you want one of those when you have a MacBook and why do you want such an old computer. Mostly because its beautiful and I would be willing to use it day to day. That would become my work computer, I don’t need to much power for that, I just need to be able to access my email and run Shrook alongside Firefox. I don’t know what the second hand store was selling it for but I’m sure it wasn’t exactly cheap, someone on Amazon.com is selling a 15″ one for about $600. But I think the price would be worth owning the best looking computer anyone has ever made. I do like the new iMacs but they just aren’t the same.

Don’t you just miss this iMac, it was the best looking computer ever built, and I just don’t understand why they went to the design we have today, Apple actually did what they said they didn’t want to do when making the G4 take the G3 iMac and cut off the back.

I guess I just don’t under stand why they did what they did.

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