Only 2 Posts Today


I only posted 2 times today as you may have noticed. I had to go do a family computer call. Had to fix some things and I ended up taking her old computer home so that I could bring it back and add a second hard drive to her new computer with all of her stuff on it. I took it home because its an hour long drive over there and I didn’t have any hard drives with me.But the computer that I took from her I will have for the next week or so. This will be the computer that I try Windows Home Server on. I haven’t installed it yet but plan to do so tomorrow during the day so don’t expect too many updates tomorrow also, maybe 3 or 4, but most deffenitly more than today.

As you may have figured out I won’t be getting the review up this week, stuff has come up and things didn’t go as planned but it will get up next week if the install goes well and everything works, If I can’t even get it to work than I won’t get the review up but I will tell you my experiences with it.

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