Weekly Picks

Not much that I want this week although I did finally set up my bedroom how I wanted it with my desk, my MacBook, my TV and so on. So just to make things easier and cooler I want these two things.

4 Port Powered USB Hub


S-Video to Composite Cable

It doesn’t really matter what kind I get any brand will do. What I would like to do is run all of my USB cables into this hub and mount it on the back of my desk so that I only have one USB cable running to my MacBook.

The S-Video to Composite Cable would come in handy because I would like to use my older laptop as a HTPC in the bedroom since I don’t have cable and my main source of entertainment comes from podcasts this would be great. I often like to watch podcasts as I fall asleep. I already have an old wireless keyboard and mouse that would be perfect. It already has a DVD drive so I could watch movies in bed.

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