iSight Prices Skyrocket

Since Apple dropped the iSight from its product line up many people have been searching for the Apple webcam. The camera have been becoming a very expesnive item for some people. The prices have began to skyrocket with some of the buy it now prices up to $350 or more! It seems imminent that Apple will release new displays with iSights built in but it just seems odd that even with all of the prices for the cameras skyrocketing on ebay that they haven’t released a new version for all of those who haven’t bought any of the cool Macs with the built in iSights or those who have bought a Mac Pro.

I think it would be smart for Apple to release a new smaller camera along with the displays, even if the camera is only out for a year or so until most have upgraded to either a new Mac or a new display.

iSights on Ebay

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