IBM has new Memory Breakthrough

IBM has deviced a way to double the speed of microprocessors, well kinda, the way it works is it reduces the memory bottleneck. IBM said that they were able to take DRAM up to speed with SRAM (which is much faster). What is good about this is that SRAM takes up much more space than DRAM does and IBM says that doing this will help reduce the memory bottlenecks that are created with the faster and faster microprocessors that are being made.

This is a great innovation in the memory space, I didn’t get into the nitty gritty of it because well I completely understand it, I’m not a RAM geek. InformationWeek talks about it a little bit more in depth and you can head there if you want to know more. If not then all you need to know is that Memory will get much faster over the next year or so.

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