One Key to decrypt all HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

We all know that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray encryption have been cracked, but now all of the current disks have been cracked in, well, a new way.

“arnezami” on Doom9 forums announced that he has found the processing key. Previously every different disk needed a seperate key so you would need to extract the key from memory after playing the disk with a player.

Many other forum contributors used the same key to decrypt other movies on HD-DVD and then they tried the key on Blu-Ray and it worked!

Arnezami did not use a cracked player to find the keys he just watched the changes in memory while starting to play the movie. The change seemed to be the processing key. Arnezami said that he spent most of his time on this project by studying the AACS documents that are available.

It’s amazing what somebody can do armed with a $200 HD-DVD player that is bundled with a HD-DVD,  some player software, and well a whole lot of time.

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